9 similar images - How different will each piece sound, using the same settings for each, changing only the image?  Click the images to find out what MIDImage 2 did.

No great effort was made to ensure the quality or 'listenability' of the resultant music. The only requirement was that there would be a good mix of melodic and accompaniment components - 'melodic' defined here as shorter sequences of notes, with the 'accompaniment' consisting of longer, more-slowly-changing instrument lines.   The result of this experiment, to my mind, is not so much 'good' as perhaps informative. While they all sound very similar, by 'listening past the instruments' you can hear the differences, subtle as they may be at times.

Perhaps a further experiment, an inversion of sorts, is appropriate: one image and a number of different configurations to see how the results can be made to vary, starting from a single source.

· Key: C# Major · Time Signature: 4/4 · Tempo: 108 · Track 1 : Bata Drums · Track 2: "Slow Deep Breaths" · Track 3: Acoustic Guitar · Track 4: Acoustic Bass · Track 5: Grand Piano · Track 6: Arco Strings · Track 7: Acoustic Guitar · Track 8: Latin Percussion · Track 9: "Goblins" · Track 10: "Brass & Wind Section" · Track 11: Grand Piano