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 Well, I've always liked Bettie Page.           

If you don't know who she is why not go here for more information?

I think the reason I've always like her is...she seemed nice.        

Doesn't that sound silly?  But it's true.  She seemed like someone who would be a nice neighbor to have.         

Yeah, yeah.  If you go out and find photos and videos of her, there are whips and ropes and spike heels and skimpy costumes (or less), and just general...naughtiness...going on. But that doesn't matter a bit.  Through it all, she just seemed...nice.          

Just nudge-nudge, we're only playing here.  Let's go out for a burger and fries later.        

Pretty woman?  No doubt.  Nice body?  Well, of course.  Great smile, sparkling eyes? Yes and yes. Does any of that really matter in the long run?

Those photos are from the 50's.  She died in 2008.  Music created with MIDImage 2.