Eight images, eight short piano pieces. A coincidence? I think not! 

Each image was created using a a simple random shape generator thrown together specifically for this purpose.

Once the images were generated, MIDImage 2 was used to create the music.

A simple piano configuration with SoundFonts was used, rather than a more complicated setup.

For the most part, the configuration was the same for eight pieces. Scratch Four and Scratch Eight were played at 120 beats per minute, while the rest stayed at a rate of 112 bpm. Everything else remained the same throughout.

Why is it called Scratch? Originally, it was just a testbed to see how well random shapes and colors would work. They worked out better than expected, but no more meaningful title fell out of the sky, so…

You'll notice there is no mention of any MIDI Sequencer/Editor. The music here is just as it came out from the images. The images are the music, pure and simple. Well, mostly pure...Sound Forge let me record them as if the music was performed in Texas, while I'm sitting here in Germany in my underwear. Ain't modern technology grand?

Inasmuch as I decided the arrangement of the instruments, the tempo, the key, the note ranges and dynamics, and which images to use, I'll take credit as the composer. But it was the images themselves that decided which notes to sound.