The Door Into Summer

The Door Into Summer is soundtrack music. Soundtracks for films that haven't been made, for books that haven't been written, background music for you and your cuddlebuns. Something to listen to when you don't want to pay attention to anything. Bubblebath music.  Sleepmusic.  Musical doodles.

Much of it created from photographs using MIDImage, but not all.

So far, the music tends to be either amorphous or highly rhythmic, with very little in the way of melody or anything else traditionally associated with music.  On the other hand, it has notes in it, so it must be music.  Right?

Well, the studio will be set up soon, and the guitar amps rehomed to 120 vac, so who knows what might be showing up here eventually.


Melody Processing in the Secondary Auditory Cortex

Melody Processing in the Secondary Auditory Cortex contains more background music, containing a variety of electronic music.

Available at these sites, and others.

Apple Music/iTunes